The growing season is here and the earth is coming into bloom. In order to get to full bloom, the vegetation must experience the process of growth. Much is the same for the Christian. Are you growing?

James tells us that we must “be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” (James 1:22) .

The Christian must not come to God’s Word just merely for information to be learned, but he must come to it as life changing truth meant to transform.

So how does this transformation process work?

First, the Bible student must seek meaningful connections between the Bible passage and contemporary living; therefore interpretation always precedes application.

Application needs to be rooted in the central theme of the text. Once you understand the principle taught in the passage, then you can more easily apply the principle in your life in a way consistent with the Word of God.

The Bible is written in concrete not abstract words. It is written for real people. Application focuses on biblical answers to common issues.

Therefore, when you are looking to make application, then consider points that center around such matters as attitudes, conduct, character, and knowledge of God. Consider also the contexts of human relationships— marriage, family, employment, school, social life, recreation, the church, community, and nation.

Now that you have the application you must implement it. And Implementation requires you to take action.

Grow in Grace!


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