Sovereignty of God

When you hear the term “sovereignty of God,” what is your reaction? What are your thoughts?

I believe that as believers we need to promote and exalt the sovereignty of God in every way that we can, because a proper understanding and appreciation for the sovereignty of God will absolutely change our lives and the way we see the world around us, and the way we respond to what takes place in our lives.

The doctrine of ‘God’s Sovereignty’ simply means that God is in control. God’s sovereignty is His absolute rule and control over all of His creation. Everything happens because He either DIRECTLY causes it or He consciously ALLOWS IT. Nothing enters history that does not come under the complete control of God. That’s what the Bible teaches about our God.

One way to understand God’s sovereignty is to believe that God has a “LOCK” on everything.




He KNOWS all things for His GLORY and our GOOD.

That’s a brief biblical summary of the doctrine of God’s sovereignty.

Grow in Grace!

(Thanks to Pastor Brad Bigney for his thoughts on the subject)


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