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Be an Example

Many Christians don’t know how to live the Christian life simply because they don’t have a role model to follow.

Are you being a good example to other believers? Does your life exhibit qualities that set the example for others to follow?

You might be thinking why do I have to be an example, and second, in what way am I to suppose be an example to others?

Paul in writing to Timothy commands him in 1 Timothy 4:12 that he is to be an example to other believers in his outer life and in his inner life.

In your outer life, you are to be an example in word and in conversation.

As an example in word. You are to be exemplary in your speech. You are to be honest and speak the truth in love.

Your speech is important because a person’s speech reflects what is in his heart. Your speech is to be encouraging and edifying. All types of  sinful speech must be avoided., such as angry speech, impure speech, and slanderous words.

Next, you are to be an example in conversation. Your life is to be controlled by the Word of God, and you are not to be an hypocrite.

The word conversation means conduct or manner of life.

Therefore, you are to be a model of righteous living who manifests his biblical convictions in every area of his life.

You are to be an example to other believers in what you say and how you act. You are to be an example with your lips and your life.

Paul continues to exhort Timothy to be an example to other believers. He turns from the outer life to the inner life.

First, you are to be an example in love. Biblical love is far different than the emotion our culture calls love. Biblical love is a self-sacrificing love. For example, biblical love is illustrated in in John 15:13

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Literally speaking this verse means that are you willing to die for your friends. But figuratively speaking are you willing to give them your time? Love is to be the motivation for your life– first toward God and then towards others

Next, you are to be an example in spirit. This word simply means do you have an inner enthusiasm and the excitement of a child of God. Are you passionate about God? Are you passionate about your Christian life?

Third, you are to be an example in faith. The idea here is faithfulness. It means you trust God and are faithful towards Him. Do you have an unswerving commitment? Are you someone who can be counted on?

Finally, you are to be an example in purity. This means that you live your life in such a contradistinction from that of how the world lives, thus showing how truly a godly person is to live. It means sexual purity both in actions and in the intentions of the heart.

Will you be an example for others to follow? It takes effort in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, but the dividends pay off for you and for others.

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