Living by the Book

The psalmist in Psalm 119:9-16, tells the believer how to keep his way pure. The key to the practice of godliness is to keep God’s Word. But how do you keep God’s Word?

First, you must mark the Word (v. 9). The Bible must be your guide, and you must live according to its directions. The holy life was never hit upon by chance. You can sin without thought but to obey the Lord and walk uprightly you will need all of your heart and soul and mind.

You need to study the word. Second Timothy 3:16 teaches that all of the Bible is profitable for doctrine – to teach us what is right, for reproof – what is wrong, for correction – how to make it right, and instruction in righteousness – how to stay right. That is why Bible study is so important.

Second, you must memorize the Word (v. 11). You must hide or treasure the Word for yourself so that you might not sin against God. God’s word is the best preventative against offending God for it tells us His mind and will, and tends to bring our spirit into conformity with His Spirit.

Third, you must meditate on the Word (v. 15).To meditate you must think on it. Philippians 4:8 says to think on those things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report. If you are thinking what you ought to be thinking, you wouldn’t be thinking what you ought not to think.

Fourth, you must master the Word (v. 16). When you come to God’s word you need to ask yourselves these questions.

  • Is there a lesson to learn?
  • Is there a sin to avoid?
  • Is there a blessing that waits?
  • Is there a promise to claim?
  • Is there a thought to carry with me?

The Word of God that sticks with you the most is the Word that you needed in your life at a particular point in time. When the Word becomes personal that is when it is mastered. You need to seek to put the Word in practice in your life and therefore making it personal.

 In order to be a believer with a pure way, you must be a person of the Book.


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