What is Revival?

Revival is a term that is often bantered around in church circles. However, for being a common word, no one really know what it is. Revival is something we pray for, but do we really know what we are praying for?

Furthermore, what revival might mean to one person, may not be the meaning for another person. So what is revival?

It might be best to define revival by saying what it is not.

Revival is not scheduled meetings. Revival is not emotional extravaganza. Revival is not church growth.

Then, what is revival?

Revival is an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results.

Revival is extraordinary. How long has it been since the world has experienced a general spiritual awakening? The majority of the people living in the western world would have to admit that they have never experienced or witnessed a revival. Therefore, when an entire generation of Christians can live and die without ever having come close to a genuine revival, such a movement of God is extraordinary indeed.

Revival is the work of God. No amount of human effort or ambition can produce a revival. There is much that men and women need to do. They need to evangelize, train workers, pray, and so on. They need to do everything God has commanded them to do. But having done all, they must wait on the Lord to do what He alone can do. Revival comes from God.

Revival produces extraordinary results. When there is revival, there will be a great conviction of sin. The unsaved will be converted, and the saved will be broken over their sin. Things that seemed right will appear unbelievably wicked. People will get right with God, and He will become the center of their lives.

“Wilt thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee?”


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