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Some thoughts on heaven

“If contentment were here, heaven were not heaven. I wonder that ever a child of God should have a sad heart, considering what his Lord is preparing for him. I know not a thing worth the buying but heaven.” (Samuel Rutherford)

“The eye of flesh is not capable of seeing, nor the ear of hearing, nor the heart of understanding heaven and its glories. But there the eye, the ear, and the heart are made capable. Else how could we enjoy those things in heaven? The more perfect the sight, the more delightful will be the beautiful object. The more perfect the appetite, the sweeter the food; the more musical the ear, the more pleasant the melody, and the more perfect the soul, the more joyous these joys, and the more glorious these glories.” (Richard Baxter)

“Fasten your grips fast on Christ. Let not this clay portion of earth take up your soul. It is the portion of bastards, and ye are children of  God. Therefore, seek your Father’s heritage. Send up your heart to see the dwelling house and fair rooms in the New City.” (Samuel Rutherford)

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